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Auction rules for 2018 (annual and monthly)

The rules for participation at the Annual auction on the (Macedonian - Serbian and Macedonian - Bulgarian) border are published on the following link:

Please immediately sign up for, signing an Agreement for participation in the Annual and Monthly auctions with AD MEPSO.

In order to apply for participation in annual and monthly auctions, it is necessary first to be a participant in the electricity market in Macedonia.

Documents needed to bring them:
• Annex 1: Registration Form" and Annex 1 - Attachment 1 in 3 original copies;
• Original or notarized certified copy of an excerpt from the trade register not older than three months from the date of issue (in Macedonian, Serbian or officially translated into English) - current situation;

A separate Contract is signed for each individual border. That is, if you want to participate in auctions on both borders (Macedonian - Serbian and Macedonian - Bulgarian), you need to have one contract for each individual border.