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Development of Ski Center on Jablanica Mountain through Public Private Partnership

AD MEPSO, within its corporate policy for social responsibility, had drafted Feasibility Study and Master Plan for construction of Ski Resort on Jablanica mountain in order to contribute to the socio-economic development of the region by developing tourism in the winter and throughout the year, respecting the principles of preservation of cultural and natural heritage and values, environmental sustainability and improvement the quality of life.
The Studies define the specific area of interest in developing the project, i.e identify the best areas for development of the zones for skiing and accommodation, give details about the optimal solution for development of the ski center, market analysis and financial feasibility.
The Ski Center Jablanica is year round midscale resort, inclined towards mountain and nature, providing unforgettable experiences. Reaching an international standard quality level, it will be developed in a sustainable and innovative way. It will provide a right mix of services, residential and tourist lodging, sports, commercial facilities and leisure amenities.
The resort will be entirely pedestrianized and it is positioned as “Resort that differs“clearly inclined towards mountain and nature.
Jablanica Mountain is located 14 km northwest of Lake Ohrid and the city of Struga, renowned touristic destinations. The mountain ridge is of length over 50 km and is higher than 2,000 meters above sea level. The Jablanica Mountain is rich with natural beauty, water, minerals, flora and fauna. Particular attractions are the glacial lakes with estimated age of 10,000 -15,000 years, still hydrographically active. Potential sites for construction of a ski resort are located in the Municipality of Vevchani, and the access is through the picturesque village of Vevchani situated 800 - 950 meters above sea level.

This project, supported by the Municipality of Vevchani and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, is supposed to be developed through Public Private Partnership.

Jablanica Business Plan

Jablanica_Investment Opportunity_brochure.pptx

Jablanica Market Apraisal

Jablanica PPP Study 

Jablanica Ski & Resort Development Concept