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Investment in the Development, Construction, and Operation of a Ski Centre and Resort on Galichica

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia intends to find a prospective investor which will develop, construct and operate the future Ski Centre and Resort on the Galichica Mountain and invites all interested parties to submit Expression of Interest. 
The Lake Ohrid set immediately next to the project area, is the strongest tourist attraction in Macedonia, a UNESCO World heritage with plenty of natural, historical and cultural sites. Situated on the shores of Lake Ohrid the town of Ohrid is one of the oldest inhabited settlements in Europe. With its numerous prehistoric sites and traces of the material culture over 5.000 old, Ohrid is indeed an archaeological treasury ( Nowadays, Ohrid is the most renowned tourism brand in Macedonia, having attracted not only regional markets, but become a significant player on the global tourism market as well. In the vicinity of Lake Ohrid, situated around the three-point of the frontiers among Macedonia, Greece and Albania, lies one of the oldest lakes in Europe and one of the cleanest in the world, the Prespa Lake. This lake is declared as the Monument of Nature.
Set between the two lakes is the mountain Galichica. The massif has developed relief with large deep valleys and a vast mountain crest that reaches an altitude of over 2.000 meters on the southern part of Galichica. Such terrain features, as well as the vicinity of the two lakes provides an unparalleled and beautiful scenic view for visitors. In addition to its extraordinary aesthetic values, Galichica is also a unique environment with well-preserved natural flora. Due to the exceptional natural beauty and specific flora and fauna in the forests of Galichica Mountain, a great part of it was declared as National Park in 1958. Today Galichica Mountain has several international nominations: "UNESCO World Heritage Site", "Emerald Area", "Significant Plant Area" and "Primary Area for Butterflies". The abundance of natural and cultural values in addition to Galichica Mountain being located between Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa, contributes to the attractiveness of the National Park for visitors. The National Park Galichica is one of the most significant tourist destinations of the Republic of Macedonia.
Located in a natural setting of exceptional beauty of the National Park are the future Ski Centre and Resort Galichica. 
The Ski Centre and Resort Galichica is meant to be an all season mountain and lake resort providing alpine skiing and summer recreational activities, a versatile and innovative tourism offer. Not only is there the rare combination of a lake and a mountain, making together an exquisite tourism value chains, but in this case, there is a Mediterranean sun and beach destination combined with a modern mountain resort set in a National Park that is of rare occurrence.

AD MEPSO has developed a Feasibility Study and Master Plan for the construction of the Ski Centre and Resort in the NP Galichica. The information regarding the Project could be obtained on the links given below.

Galichica Investment Opportunity brochure

Galichica Master Plan technical

Galichica Ski Center teaser

Galichica Market & Business Plan