Испрати по е-пошта

Division of Technical Information (TI)

This division serves the following divisions:
  • SCADA/EMS unit,
  • Unit of electricity measuring, and
  • Unit of Electronic Highway

The unit of SCADA/EMS is in charge of functioning of the computing configuration of the Energy Management System and/or a Technical Power System Control in the Republic of Macedonia. The computing configuration consists of hardware server platform SUN and operating and applicative software SIEMENS SINAUT Spectrum. In the domain of the activities of this unit are also the computing systems for remote monitoring and power facilities control – electricity transmission sub-stations 110/x and 400/110 kV. Within the division also functions the Automatic Meter Reading System installed in the facilities of  MEPSO and in the sub-stations separated between ELEM and EVN Macedonia.

Unit of Electricity Measuring is in charge of installing and operating the electricity meters. The matter is about accounting and control meters in the MEPSO facilities including in the facilities for separation between  MEPSO and ELEM and MEPSO and EVN Macedonia, respectively.

The unit for Electronic Highway is in charge of ensuring safe and reliable operation of teleinformation part of the technical Control System of MEPSO. It operates the teleinformation network (connection with MEPSO facilities in which computer equipment is installed and remote monitoring system and control of power facilities). The unit is in charge of implementing a teleinformation network to connect the other TSOs from the member countries of ENTSO-E (European Network Transmission Operator for Electricity association)