Испрати по е-пошта

Division of Electricity Transmission System Control

The Division of Electricity Transmission System Control is in charge of a stable and reliable operation of the transmission grid operated by MEPSO. Within the framework of this department operates the national Dispatching Center (NDC) operating the power system making MEPSO the only company in its function: achievement of high public interest, stable and reliable operation of the power system. This division consists of two unitss: 

Unit of Operational Planning which performs the following activities:
  • production of final daily diagram of electricity generation and consumption in the Republic of Macedonia;
  • production of daily plans related to cross border exchange;
  • coordination with CMM unit;
  • Analysis of reliability and safety of transmission grid on the proposed plan to activate the production capacities and exchange (acceptance and analysis of proposed plan and confirmation of the final daily diagram with regard to electricity production and consumption);
  • Coordination of repair activities and/or preparation of a plan to disconnect the transmission and generating elements from the transmission grid, on annual, monthly, and daily bases;
  • Approval of planning requirement to disconnect the transmission capacities;
  • Calculations of congestions in the transmission grid for the next day (DACF calculation), drawing up and exchange of DACF models with the neighboring system operators (TSO);
  • calculation of the cross border capacities (NTC) on annual, monthly, and weekly level;
  • organization of auction procedures to award the available transmission capacity for the interconnections of the republic of Macedonia;
  • Calculation of cross border exchange according to ITC methodology;
  • Optimization of power system operation;
  • participation in preparing the energy balance of the republic of Macedonia;
  • Short-term, medium-term, and long-term planning of the power system;

Unit for transmission system control performs the following activities:
  • Collection and archiving of data necessary to plan and analyze activities of the power system, preparation of reports for power system operation;
  • frequency regulation and capacity exchange (use of secondary regulation, activating the tertiary regulation, activating the reserve power in emergency cases in supplying the consumers with electricity), and regulation of voltage;
  • Following-up the power control (frequency, error in regulation area, voltage, flows of active and reactive energy);
  • Organization of repairs and maintenance activities for the transmission grid (approval of intervention activities, opening and closing operating licenses, manipulations for change of switching condition with elements from the transmission grid;
  • Putting into operation of newly constructed or reconstructed power facilities directly connected to transmission grid operated by MEPSO;
  • Operating activities: modification of daily operating plans of power system, modification of plan of activating the generating units, re-dispatching, analysis of safety at operation of power system in compliance with “N-1” criterion;
  • undertaking measures in case of disturbance to re-establish normal operating conditions of power system;
  • Defining priorities in carrying out activities in the transmission grid;
  • Analysis of safety of transmission system with regard to the proposed plan to activate the generating capacities.

    Plans for repair of interconnection and internal transmission lines in 2018

        Maintenance Plan for Interconnections and Internal lines for 2019