Испрати по е-пошта


AD MEPSO is a full member of the new European association of transmission system operators ENTSO-E ( European network of transmission Sistem Operators for Electricity). This association is the only one at European level replacing all TSOs associations so far controlling the state and national power systems.

Mr. Vladimir Zdravev, AD MEPSO General Director has signed the Agreement with regard to full membership of our national power system operator with the general directors of 42 companies, transmission system operators of 34 countries in Europe. The establishing meeting of ENTSO-E was hold in Brussels on 19 December 2008. This integration is a step to a more secure and more efficient European and regional electricity market in compliance with the Third Package of Electricity Market. The establishment of ENTSO-E strengthens cooperation between the system operators in many fields such as: development of technical and market - oriented codes, coordination of operating system of operators and grid development. One of the main goals of this Association is to speed up the development of the only European electricity market, which will contribute to a safe coordinated operation of the entire European electricity system.

ENTSO-E operates based on consultations with the European Commission, local Energy Regulatory Commission and all participants in the market. The operation of ENTSO-E is conducted in three Committees: Committee for Development, Operational Committee, and Electricity Market Committee. Each Committee has member representatives from all regions in Europe. ENTSO-E shall be supported by a Secretariat having full-time employees with a head office in Brussels. ENTSO-E shall be managed by a General Assembly coordinating at the same time the work in the organization. Signing this Agreement Daniel Dobeni, the General Director of ELIA-Belgium has been selects as a President of ENTSO-Efoe a period of two years. ENTSO-E starts the process of undertaking all ETSO (European Transmission System Operators) activities, UCTE (Union for the Coordination of Transmission of Electricity), NORDEL, UKTSOA (Great Britain), BALTSO (Baltic countries), and ATSO (Ireland and Northern Ireland) and/or it shall unite all associations of transmission system operators in one united centre to coordinate their operation.